Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Xenesthis sp. blue

Xenesthis sp. Blue

(S)he is indifferent to the cricket. Up to a week ago (s)he ate with a ferocious appetite. I wonder if (s)he's in pre-moult (though it doesn't look like it to me!). The abdomen still seems healthy plump? So I shouldn't worry? But this is such a new species that I just don't know.

0.0.1. ls c. 2,5cm.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Janisson Baradon

Sari Wines recently listed a couple Janisson Baradon Champagnes on Alko's special order selection. I bought both to try.

The Extra Brut was just phenomenal. Apple aromas, pure, elegant, crisp, very dry but fleshy. Fantastic wine. The truly great wines don't need many words.

The Brut Tradition wasn't quite as interesting and our mistake was to open it after the Extra Brut. It seemed a bit sugary and simple in comparison. But after a few sips, once the memory of the Extra Brut disappeared, this also seemed wonderful. Despite a slight sweet touch it remains crisp and high in acidity.

Both are worth drinking, but if your tastes are like mine and you prefer austerity and purity then the Extra Brut is worth the extra price. It's c.5€ more but gave me a billion times the pleasure of the Brut Tradition. And considering that the Brut Tradition wasn't a bad Champagne in any way, that should give an idea about how great the Extra Brut is. And for a minimal further expense my advice is simply: buy.

Comté and Comtes

Léon Beyer Cuvée des Comtes d'Eguisheim Riesling 2007

It's been a hectic couple months with some spidey projects and shutting down one bookshop and going to work in another. But I managed to take tomorrow off so I thought I'd celebrate a rare free day with a nice Riesling. It's been ages since I've had a good Riesling.

But I must confess, I just can't seem to get a grip on Léon Beyer's style. Sometimes it is crisp and steely, sometimes so much so that it's frankly a bit monotonous, and sometimes they turn out like this Cuvée. It has a pretty elegant aroma, floral with a touch of petrol and crystallized citrus fruits. The palate starts out promising with a purity of fruit and intense acidity and then it becomes watery on the finish. It's as if the acidity doesn't carry through and the whole is a bit dilute and lacks the intensity I hope to see with the grape. But at least it is properly dry and steely.

So is it a variable producer; a hot year; is there much bottle variation; have I had just bad luck? When they manage the steely, dry, intensely acidic style it really works to my taste so I would hope to see that a bit more often.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Uusi(?) kotimainen blogi

Löytyi taas uusi blogi:  Kannattaa lukaista. Ja hyvää musiikkiakin linkattu - vaikka Gouldin Bach ei ole koskaan ollut makuuni; minulle kelpaa paremmin Rosalyn Tureck. :)

Olisiko taas aika päivittää kotimaiset viiniblogit? Laittakaa kommetteihin kaikki, mitä ei vielä ole linkityksissäni!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Roero row your boat, gently down the stream

Matteo Correggia Roero Arneis 2013
13% - Piemonte

I don't really have a clear idea of the Arneis grape. And this bottle doesn't clarify things: it still seems like a neutral grape but without the fascinating neutrality that e.g. Muscadet can have. Sometimes neutrality is, paradoxically, one of the most interesting sensations in wine, especially when such non-fruity aromas and textures as lees aromas and that elusive, opaque, indecipherable term "minerality" appear in the wine.

This wine is neutral. But it doesn't have the positives of leesy, nutty aromas or "mineral" or petrichor aromas. The palate is fairly rich but has ok balance thanks to moderate acidity. It is clean, perfectly drinkable, nothing I would spit out, but I do have to ask why I have to pay 17€ for such a wine. Squeaky clean neutrality with some richness on the palate just isn't all that interesting.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rousal Ale

Rousal Ale
5,7% abv

I've previously written about their Pils which was uncommonly fantastic for a style of beer I usually find rather boring. This ale, too, is a very attractive beer. There's a slight Belgian flavour in the sweet, fruity and vanilla aromas. But there's also a bit of grapefruit bite. It seems like an easygoing cousin of De Ranke's XX Bitter. But sometimes something a bit less hardcore is just what one needs.

But there is one unappetizing thing about this beer. The price. It's not in Alko's normal selection and has to be ordered and the price is therefore steep: almost 7€ for a 0,33 l. bottle.

Finnish alcohol laws are crazy and must be among the most inane in the world. Local berry wine producers are allowed to sell directly to the consumer despite the government's monopoly on retail. But breweries aren't. Then add to this crime Alko's inefficient and expensive way of making these special orders available and Alko's steep margins and you get a beer that is more expensive to buy in Alko than in a pub (IIRC Pikkulintu used to sell this for 6€ / bottle). Finland and alcohol are about as surreal as the writings of Daniil Harms.

Saturday, October 11, 2014


On ollut vähän writer's block viime aikoina, mutta eräs uutinen sai minut runotuulelle. Kun olen tällainen herkkä runotyttö, kirjoitin Haikun:

Viski, viski, jee.
Viski, viski, viski, nam!
Avi, voi jeesus!