Saturday, December 21, 2013

From all over Italy

When you receive 1,5 cases of wines and you have no space to store them, there is only one possible solution: call friends over to help. I'm happy I know people who are willing to help a friend in need. So here's what we've been drinking.

Cantina Della Volta Lambrusco di Modena Spumante 2009
13% abv; Metodo classico. A fairly light red colour. A lovely aroma of strawberries and something herbal. Fruit of such ripeness that it gives an illusion of slight sweetness though it is Brut. Small, elegant bubbles; tangy and savoury and deliciously bitter and dry on the finish. Great stuff (though take my recommendation with a pinch of salt since I haven't tasted many Lambruscos - it's a style I really should become better acquainted with).

Montenidoli Canaiuolo Toscana IGT 2012
Rosé 100% from the Canaiolo grape. Attractive scent of minerality and strawberries. It is a very clean and pure scent. The palate is quite fleshy and has good grip and is very moreish. I liked this very much.

Graci Etna Bianco 2011
13% abv; 70% Carricante & 30% Catarratto. This is a very attractive white with plenty of almost tropical fruit but with a citric edge. Focused, properly acidic palate, medium in body but very light on its feet and very moreish. I like this a lot. Carricante is a grape that can retain high acidity even in warm conditions, so that and the altitude (c.600m for these vineyards) explain why this is so deliciously crisp despite coming from an island only a mile away from the surface of the sun.

Graci Etna Rosso 2010
13,5%; 100% Nerello Mascalese. Very stinky in a not nice kind of way on opening but I guess it must have been some sort of reduction since 10 minutes in a decanter and it pretty much cleared up and the wine was just gorgeous and tangy and supremely moreish with plenty of tannins and acidity but without being harsh in any way. I don't have enough experience with Nerello Mascalese but I think I like the grape: it seems to have interesting aromas, good structure and never seems badly affected by the heat of the island. Lovely wine; just give it a bit of air before pouring it in the glass.

Candialle Chianti Classico 2005
13,5% abv. Earthy aromas coupled to some still quite primary cherry scents. Smooth entry; quite full bodied; the structure is very nice with plenty of ripe tannins and moderate levels of acidity but the structure seems to come one step after the fruit. But that's a minor quibble: it's a good wine and is beginning to drink well though no hurry.

Candialle Ciclope Toscana IGT 2007
14% abv; c.45% Merlot and c.45% Sangiovese and Syrah & Petit Verdot. 18 months in Barrique but the oak seems to have pretty much integrated. I've never really cared much for Merlot but this wine is actually very attractive: plenty of dark but tangy fruit with a deliciously bitter twist on the finish. Nice!

Azienda Agricola Maccario - Dringenberg Rossese di Dolceacqua Superiore Luvaira 2010 - Liguria
14% abv. Rossese is the same grape as Tibouren, famous on the French side for making some pretty nice rosé. But this red from Italy is also really nice. It has some nice, bright cherry aromas and a bit of reduction; very lively on the palate though in no way harshly structured, not terribly concentrated so it is delightfully moreish. Nice! Though I kind of feel like I should have been more enthusiastic about it since it was a relatively light wine, off the beaten path and


Lambrusco Day said...

Yup, there's so much more to learn about real Lambrusco: There's Lambrusco Frizzante and Spumante. And real Lambrusco has at least 11% alc.... more:

Geshtin said...

Yup, real Lambrusco is great and I hope to try more of it soon.