Friday, December 20, 2013

The Finnish Bloggers Finally Share Some Wine

Yesterday was the first meeting of a group of Finnish wine bloggers (Copatinto, Pullon Henki, Viinistä ja vierestäViinihullun Päiväkirja, Rypäleistä Viis!, Laid-Back Sommelier, Women Men Winen, Blanc de Blancs). I have met several of them before but it was great to meet many new faces! I had a great time drinking blind wines and talking. I must admit that I was suffering from the end-stages of some phlegm disease or other (man-flu!), so my sense of smell wasn't working 100%. The company was lovely. The wines, as expected from such a person with supremely limited preferences, were a very mixed bunch with high highs and low lows.

Jim Barry Watervale Riesling 2012
In my phlegm-compromised state I didn't find much of a nose on this, but did guess Riesling. Kind of confected fruit though fully dry. Good acidity but it did seem a bit detached from the fruit. It was ok but not something I'd really buy for myself.

Rolly Gassman Pflaenzerreben de Rorschwihr Riesling 2000
Now this was a lovely wine. From the first sniff I felt sure this was Riesling despite my compromised olfactory state. Very sweet but pure Riesling fruit on the nose. Perhaps some botrytis, too? Rich and ripe but racy. I liked it.

Henri Cruchon Mont de Vaux Grand Cru 2012
Neutral fruit and a bit reductive. Rich, soft, low acid. Hmmm. Don't really know what to say about it. Seemed kind of like a mediocre Rhone white. So far I must admit, I don't "get" these Swiss wines.

Montenidoli Il Templare 2008
My wine so no guesses. 70% Vernaccia, 20% Trebbiano Gentile, 10% Malvasia Bianca. Deep gold colour. At first it has an appley aroma but oddly enough that disappeared when I took a refill a couple hours later. It starts to smell like the better skin contact whites - like orange marmalade (though I don't know if this is a skin contact white). Full bodied and rich but with pretty good acidity. Good stuff.

Nervi Gattinara 1978
Good stuff, but I think it might have needed a bit more air - old Nebbiolo almost always seems to need much space to breathe. But I liked it . It was smelly but bright in aromatics; it was still nicely tannic but with a lovely aged character to the fruit. I really love these old Nebbiolos so I was very happy drinking this.

Kranz Augusto-Hugo 2008
This had a very sweet and oaky smell reminiscent of Austrian Pinot Noir, but in fact it was a 50/50 blend of Spätburgunder and Dunkelfelder. The palate was much more interesting than the nose (that's rare though perhaps my phlegm disease was to blame): peppery/structured, racy and moreish but with good fruit, too. Nice!

Mastroberardino Radici Taurasi Riserva 1999
I liked this one a lot. But it was a difficult blind because it didn't remind me of anything at all. Dark fruit with a bit of age but otherwise no obvious characteristics pointing anywhere. Nicely aged, still refreshingly structured but in no way powerfully tannic as the grape is. So it was drinking nicely - though no hurry - and it was a really nice wine.

Brezza Langhe Freisa Santa Rosalia 2009
Ugh! Banana aromas. Dark, anonymous fruit. Concentrated but unlively. Nope. Sorry, didn't like this one at all.

Chateau de Chantegrive Cuvee Caroline 2011
A white Graves. Super oaky aroma; lots of coconut. Thin, astringent palate. Eww.

Occhipinti Il Frappato 2011
Completely different from my other bottle just a while back. That other bottle was the purest, most Platonic essence of cherry. This one was stinky in a good way and full of robust and earthy aromas in addition to that lovely cherry fruit. I loved the earlier bottle but this one was even better. Crunchy and structured palate, lovely savoury character, extremely moreish. Lovely.

County Clare na Trí Cláir Malbec 2012
Stinky, but not in a good way. More in the way of reduction that just doesn't blow away even with air. Dark fruit. Very Aussie in style but without the worst excesses of fruit and oak. But with nothing to fill in those empty spaces either. Eww.


Mige said...
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Mige said...

August Hugo on 2008 ja mä sekoilin - se on Dunkelfelder ( Amatöörimäistä toimintaa.

Geshtin said...

Korjattu! Muistaako kukaan ton Sveitsiläisen vuosikertaa?

Otto said...

Dunkelfelder? Ekaa kertaa tulee tuonnimistä vastaan.

Ja se sveitsiläinen oli 2012.

Geshtin said...

Ei minullekaan aiemmin tuttu rypäle toi Dunkelfelder.

Kiitos Otto, korjasin nyt sen Sveitsiläisen vuoden.

Ja hauskaa oli! Pitää järjestää uudestaan! :)