Sunday, January 5, 2014


Cornelissen MunJebel 8mc
8 = 2011 vintage; MC = the Monte Colla vineyard; 100% Nerello Mascalese planted in 1946.

This might just have been the most impressive Cornelissen I've tried. It is sadly also a significant step upwards in price from the regular MunJebel (this MC was about 55€), but considering the premium that Etnas command, perhaps it's worth it still.

It has the typical "natural" smells one can expect, but also a vegetal and perfumed character that makes me want to use the term Pinosity though the actual aromas themselves are wilder than any Pinot I've tried.

Full bodied, very tannic but lively and very moreish. It is so fantastically fresh and refreshing that I was astonished to read the label says it has 15% abv.

But what's the deal with the Nomacorc? There is much anecdotal evidence (and we all know that isn't worth much) that it doesn't last as well as promised. Are there any real studies done on how well wine ages under Nomacorc?

And another thing I've wondered about is the name MunJebel. What does it mean? I know that muncibeddu is the Sicilian dialect for "beautiful mountain" and that jabal (جبل) is mountain in Arabic. So is this some sort of portmanteau?


Steve Slatcher said...

According to Camuto's book Palmento "the name [MunJebel] derived from Etna's Italian moniker Mongibello (a combination of two words meaning "Mountain"; the Latin mons and the Arabic gebel.

Geshtin said...

Mt. Mt.? Ok then. Strange name IMO.

Steve Slatcher said...

Well, Camuto visited Cornelissen, so that story is doubtless what Cornelissen believes. I bet there is no historical evidence for it. It sounds to me more like some linguistic mix-up than a simple combination of words.

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