Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Canelo-pe Island

Leyda Syrah Single Vineyard Canelo 2011

Chile, Leyda Valley; c.15€; 14,5% abv

Chilean wines tend to bore me. And they tend to be made in a style that isn't at all to my taste. Yes, I know there are exceptions, but those exceptions are so rare that I feel I can make such a generalization without feeling too bad.

This Leyda is a semi-exception. I put off buying it because of my boredom. And though it isn't perhaps enough to my taste that I'll be repurchasing it, I am still glad I bought one to taste.

This actually smells of Syrah. It isn't Shiraz. I know they're the same grape but there does seem to be a bit of a correlation between styles and nomenclatures: if called Shiraz it will often be big, bold, ripe and a clone of the stereotype of Barossa no matter where it's grown. If called Syrah it will often be a more peppery, bitey style.

Despite this having Syrah on the label I was prejudiced and felt that this must be one of those misnamed Syrahs that actually is more a Shiraz. Yet this smells peppery and gamy. The reason I'm not still not 100% convinced is because the palate is more like a Shiraz in being big, ripe, sweet and with a bit of alcohol showing even though it is peppery and finishes dry. So it's kind of a blend of Syrah and Shiraz. At this price it was a pleasant surprise to get something smelling more of the variation I like.

So it's certainly worth a try if you tolerate more oak and ripeness than I do. It's a good mid-way style.


Otto said...

Syraz? Shirah? The latter actually sounds pretty OK.

But seriously, maybe I should try this one? After all, I'm almost as skeptical as you are towards Chilean reds, but I am always happy to find those exceptions that are tolerable, or even tasty - simply because they are oh so rare.

Geshtin said...

If you have 15€ to spare and a bit of red meat, perhaps grilled, and a few friends over who aren't so discriminating, then I'd say go for it. But knowing your tastes, it will be a lukewarm experience for you, too!

Jokkeri said...

I'm so happy that people love different things in wines. And even though I sometimes like these kind of wines I found this wine so very boring.

Woudn't recommend this one.

Geshtin said...

Jokkeri, I do hope you write something on this wine so I can see where our tastes differed! Though not really my thing, it did seem to be among the better Syrahs now available in our monopoly.